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Published on February 11, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine
This week was all right. Nothing big either way. Down about 1.6 pounds, and the clothes continue to fit more and more loose. I already have some I need to retire as they are simply way too big and bulky to look decent.

I felt mostly hampered this week by continued sickness. Whereas last week it was all in my sinus (and draining down my sore throat), this week it decided to migrate south and park itself firmly in my chest. This sucked. If I started to push it and really get going I also started to have severe coughing spells, with some really nice, thick phlegm. So I had to slow down a bit and go for a longer time.

But I stuck to it. I suppose that is what matters the most. 34 continuous days (not counting Sunday-my designated day off).

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on Feb 12, 2006
Way to go mate. Keep up the good work. I hope the sickness leaves you though. I admire your tenacity.
on Feb 12, 2006
I admire your tenacity.

I appreciate that. Honestly, posting here has helped to keep me honest. I don't want to come in here and have to report I did nothing. Keeps me honest. I also appreciate your support.
on Feb 14, 2006
Kudos on you sticking to it Peter. I relate with this darn cold myself. This week it's like my throat belongs to someone else. And the darn coughing is trying to come back full force. Blech!!

Hope you feel better soon.