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Published on April 5, 2006 By BlueDev In Life Journals

Boards, boards, boards.

I hate 'em.  But it is part of the wonderful medical education.  And this Friday I take another step.  USMLE Step 2 CS that is.  USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) Step 1 is an 8 hour, 350 question test that tests our knowledge of basic science topics.  You know, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, the like.

Step 2 comes in two flavors (for which they charge you $1500 to take!).  CS is the Clinical Skills part.  Again, 8 hours during which you meet with 10-12 "standardized patients" (actors), interview them, give them a brief focused exam, and then write up a note detailing the results of the interview, exam, and your differential diagnoses and next steps to figure it out.  It has been shown to be a joke pretty much.  But we still have to take it, and they are so wonderful that they only offer it at 5 locations in the country.  So tomorrow I get to fly to Houston, get a hotel and car and take the test Friday. 

At the beginning of next month I get to take CK, or Clinical Knowledge.  Fortunately they offer this one a little closer to home (only an hours drive).  Again, 8 hours, 350 question that test my clinical knowledge.  Fun, fun, fun.  Needless to say, my blogging will be (and has been) scarce as I get in some study time. 

Only a few more weeks.  Whew.

on Apr 05, 2006
I hope you have great success on your boards. Try not to stress too much. I am sure you are well prepared.

Though I must say Houston traffic is a nightmare of huge proportions. We went down for a wedding in Galveston a few weeks ago but stayed in Houston. It was horrible. They are doing construction everywhere and there are so many people and they are all crazy. I needed prozac or a valium or something just riding through town. I can't imagine what I would have done if I were driving. It is truly insane. It makes DFW traffic seem mild in comparison. I just had to close my eyes and say Hail Mary's. I'm stressing just thinking about it.
on Apr 05, 2006
You can DOOOOO it! C'mon, you've got to show me up, right? I'll only be a Ph.D. after all, and a 'fud' isn't a real doctor, after all . . .

But in a few weeks YOU will be! Congrats, feo!
on Apr 06, 2006
Good luck with it all, mate. I'm sure you'll do well. I'll be thinking about ya...
on Apr 06, 2006
Good luck Blue...and travel safe!
on Apr 06, 2006

Best of luck.  At least you wont have to endure Terpfan's ribbing on the Women's title, right?

(Always look for a silver lining).

on Apr 06, 2006
Good Luck !!!!

I'm so sorry we missed each other when I came to Duke, I'm scheduled for surgery in August, so I guess you'll be gone by then....
on Apr 06, 2006
You're in my thoughts, best of luck as always.
on Apr 07, 2006
Wow good luck!!!!

Congrats, feo!

That is not very nice...
on Apr 08, 2006
Good luck on your boards! I will say a prayer for you!

on Apr 08, 2006
Thanks for the kind thoughts and wishes.  Things went well.  (next blog!)
on Apr 11, 2006
Good luck with your studies Dev.