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With the current glut of hip-hop acts, what is an up and coming band to do to set themselves apart? The answer is decidedly simple: write actual music.

Meet JC Ronikal, a four piece band hailing from the great Down Under, looking to make their mark on the music scene by doing what they love. The beginning of 2006 saw them completing the recording of and polishing their first EP, Thus Far... Since that time, they have been working hard to get their music out to the public with a revamp of their website, numerous gigs, and radio station publicity.

While I would never claim to be an aficionado of hip-hop music, I am a music fan in general. And it was in that role I had the opportunity to check out the five tracks on Thus Far... What I found was a pleasant mix of hip-hop with a definite pop sensibility and even hints of a rock edge. With music catering to more than one style, the band has a wide appeal with a little something for everyone.

Rapping combines flawlessly with melodic vocals, guitars, and backing music to give each song a melody that is sure to be stuck in the listeners head long after the track is over. It is this musical sense that, for me, elevates JC Ronikal above many of the other hip-hop acts I have heard. The pop sensibility of each track helps to make them accessible, while the energy of each performer also comes through loud and clear. This is a group of artists who enjoys what they are doing.

Lyrically, the tracks both rise above and fall prey to many of the conventions of the genre that I find irritating. When I listen to music, I make it a point to know who I am listening to. I don't need to hear the name of the artist multiple times in a song. However, I realize this is often found in hip-hop. Likewise, the songs range from inspiring to inane. The majority of the tracks deal with the desire to improve oneself, something I find refreshing in this style of music. But, of course, there must also be a party track or two. Similarly, as a personal preference, I always have more respect for lyricists who can get their message across without using vulgarity. A number of the songs succeed in this respect, though not all.

Thus Far. . . is a solid EP from a band that is surely gaining momentum in their own neck of the woods. As far as global publicity, they have all the pieces necessary to gain popularity world wide, especially with their emphasis on actual music and melody. Check out their website, sound clips, and if you are in Australia, keep your eyes and ears open to check them out. Also, keep your eye on their site for an update which will include full downloads of some of the tracks.
on May 23, 2006
Wow. Good to see them spotlighted here. I've heard some of their stuff and I agree they are good. And I'd love to see them in concert some day...
on May 23, 2006

And I'd love to see them in concert some day...

While not my style of music per say, I agree, I think they would be a great live act to see.

on May 29, 2006
Hey, thanks so much for this, mate. Really appreciated. The rest of the band were absolutely blown away by it. Would you mind if we posted it on our website? You will get full credit of course.

Shovel, thanks for your continued support, mate.
on May 29, 2006
Maso: I would be honored to have you guys use this. Please, feel free to do so. It was my pleasure.
on May 29, 2006
~bump for Maso~
on May 30, 2006

Thanks very much. We'll get it up as soon as we can.


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