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Published on February 2, 2007 By BlueDev In Blogging

I understand that with everything going on at Stardock right now, this little old site simply can't be high priority.  But I just thought I would toss this out there as it ends up affecting some of your commercial software (which some of us have probably purchased).

The RSS feeds here at JU are way behind.  We are talking almost a month and a half behind.  So in the end, this makes using BlogNavigator Pro useless in terms of actually reading anything here.  It is a shame, as it is great software.

This has been an ongoing, intermittent problem.  The RSS feeds will be up to date, then they are way behind.  Thanks for any attention you can spare to this site issue.

on Feb 02, 2007
Hmm...this is a problem we should look into! I didn't realize this was happening. Thanks very much for telling me, BlueDev. Hopefully we can either fix the problem or get an answer back to you about the reason for the lack of updates very soon.
on Feb 02, 2007
I wouldn't poke someone in the eye if they figured out why our sessions keep expiring while we're here, too...

on Feb 02, 2007
Thanks for your response Cordelia!  I really appreciate it.
on Feb 02, 2007
Oh, and the quote functions seems now to be broken when using multiple quotes in a reply. Sorry to add to the pile, lol.