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Published on February 11, 2007 By BlueDev In Blogging

The days are like weeks, the weeks are like days.

We used to say that in the mission field all the time.  Some days just crawled past, seeming unterminable.  Yet before we knew it, 4 weeks had passed and it was time for yet another round of transfers.  Lately, it hasn't been any different. 

It isn't really that the days seem to go by so slowly, there just seems to be so much that fills them that it is a wonder they are only 24 hours long.  Get up, exercise, head to the hospital (it is about 5:30 am by this time), round on our patients, go to a conference, write a few notes, discharge a couple of people, do four cases in the OR, round again, head home, help with dinner/getting kids in bed, read to our oldest (we are reading Harry Potter together), then a little time for my wife and I to decompress.  Off to bed to wash, rinse and repeat.

The next thing I know, here it is, only 19 weeks left in my internship.  Honestly, it really amazes me that such a long time has flown by.  It is a little overwhelming as well to think that in just a few months we will be moving on to be midlevel residents, interns no more.

Likewise, I felt I had been doing pretty well here, blogging regularly, attempting to stay interesting.  Then suddenly I blink, and almost 2 weeks have flown by.  Even when I have ideas to blog, some days it is the actually having the energy to sit down and write them out.  Oh well, such is the ebb and flow of life.

Last night my wife was commenting that she thinks the basement of our new house will be nice and cool during the summer.  I thought to myself "Hmm, what was it like last summer?"  Only then did I realize we have only been there since mid December.  It just seems a lot longer than that.  It seems like home.  Our home.  I still marvel at just how quiet it is once the kids are in bed.  There is no sound of someone running up and down stairs.  There is no party going on above us.  There are no little brats out in the back, screaming at each other like little banshees.  It is just quiet. 

I love it.

My parents are coming out to visit in about 10 days.  It will be the first time since we moved up here.  (They helped with the move and then shortly had to head back to Utah.)  It will be nice to have them there in our house.  Even though it isn't huge, there will just be so much more space to enjoy their company in.  I'm quite looking forward to it.  They are so great.

Likewise, Capt. Underpants himself (San Chonino) still says he is coming out for his spring break in March.  That would be very cool.  As you can tell from his presence here, he is just an unbelievably cool guy, and I enjoy spending time with him.  We are very similar, but different enough to keep things interesting.  Hopefully he can find decent priced tickets.

Aubrey (our middle one) is now 4 and Jessica is turning 8 in May.  My wife and I decided it was time to at least start the whole "birds and the bees" discussion.  I think we need to at least find out how much she has heard and get an idea where she is coming from.  My parents gave me a book to read and called that good.  Made it a bit uncomfortable to come to them with questions.  We hope that we can do things a little different with our kids.  My wife is nervous, but to be honest, I'm not.  I think it will go well. 

Chances are, it will be a terrific failure.  But hey, we'll do our best.

I swear, if the RSS feeds here would work better, it would be so much easier to keep up on my favorites.  As it is, I just have a hard time finding the time to head to each page.  I apologize if I have missed some recent articles.  I'm reading when I can.  I promise.

on Feb 11, 2007
It's amazing what you pack into your day.

This is the busiest time you will likely have in your entire life. You're, as the Newfies would say, "busy as a one-armed fiddler with the lice" or even "working harder than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest". I have no doubts that you can handle it.
on Feb 11, 2007
Ah mate, the older you get, the quicker time moves, believe me. I find myself lamenting all the times I sat around and did nothing in my youth and now wondering if I'd had them again, what I might have achieved. Still, I have no regrets...

It is pleasing to hear you're settled into your home. Sometimes this process can take a long time but I'm glad it didn't for you and yours. It is nice to read about your wonderful family too and the peace and respite they provide you from your busy days.

Like you, I haven't been as regular here as I'd like.

Loved the title, BTW...
on Feb 11, 2007
My parents gave me a book to read and called that good.

But wasn't that good enough?

Capt. Underpants himself (San Chonino) still says he is coming out for his spring break in March.

I am, I am! I'm just hoping I can find a good deal on tickets . . .
on Feb 12, 2007
Capt. Underpants!! OK...I just had to pull Braeden's leg!

Nice that your folks will be visiting and of course the Capt. too!

You've got a lot packed into a day alright. I'm glad you're handling it ok. Keep up the good work!

Oh boy, the birds and the bees time, we already had that talk with our two oldest. I talked, they listened!! It wasn't as easy as I thought, but it turned out ok. My son knows he can go to his dad or me with questions and likewise our oldest girl as well.

I hear ya about the RSS feed. I sometimes forget that I even wrote a new article!! I log on to my page regularly instead of the Forums to keep tabs! See you when I see ya Peter! N.A.P. (not a problem!)
on Feb 12, 2007

the older you get, the quicker time moves

Ah! The older I get the better I was...