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Published on October 10, 2007 By BlueDev In Blogging

Yes, yes, I know it isn't even Halloween yet.  But the Holidays are fast approaching and I thought it might be fun to set up a Christmas/Holiday card swap (with enough time for it not to be a burden).

Here is what I was thinking: If you want in drop a comment here, adding your name to the list, then email me (peteyDOTjonesATgmailDOTcom)  an address to which the cards should be mailed (don't want real or email addresses sitting out there for all the world to gather).  I will take those and complie them into a master list and then email that out to everyone to use.

I was thinking that if you sign up, you then send a card to everyone on the list, and get one from everyone on the list.  It could be a lot of fun to send and recieve cards to people all over the world.

While I certainly can't make this an official post, if an admin wanted to do something special to keep this noticeable for a bit, I wouldn't mind.  The more the merrier I say.

So, does this sound like an idea people would like to be a part of?

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on Oct 10, 2007
Of course I'm in.
on Oct 10, 2007
I want to play too.  Email will be coming. 
on Oct 10, 2007

Nice ninja edit there San Cho.  Thanks for the heads up.

on Oct 10, 2007
Ditto for me!
on Oct 10, 2007

I'd be happy to, but only if I can approve the list of people *my* address will be sent to.

Absolutely.  If there is anyone you want "filtered" just include that information in the email and I will respect those wishes without question.  And prior to sending out the list I will let those who wish to be selective know who the list would include and they can tick off those they don't want.

on Oct 10, 2007

you have mail
on Oct 10, 2007
Great idea. Though I think a better idea would be for all on the list to send Merry Xmas letters to Col gene. Maybe that will lighten up his spirit.
on Oct 10, 2007
I'd sign up for that, but I'd send this...

"Merry Christmas, Col Gene! Signed, President Bush"

and get this blogged the next day...

"It got to me a day late, if Gore had been elected this never would have happened. We need to impeach Bush, because if his Christmas cards come late, how late will he pull out of Iraq?"

Anyway, I'll think about signing up, but no promises. After all, if you all know my address, you could show up on my doorstep someday. And nobody wants that.
on Oct 10, 2007

I'm in. 


on Oct 10, 2007
I'd like to do this, but a warning: I am notorious for putting things off, and you may get your cards from me in May.
on Oct 10, 2007
My address is on its way too. What a great idea mate. And I'm really glad you're getting in early.
on Oct 12, 2007

So, we have about 7 people so far, two more if Whip and San Cho send me their addresses (yeah, I know I should know San Cho's address, but they moved a year ago or so and I just haven't bothered to memorize their new address.  My wife probably has it though).

Just bumping to keep this alive if some more want in.

on Oct 12, 2007
I know I should know San Cho's address, but they moved a year ago or so and I just haven't bothered to memorize their new address. My wife probably has it though


It's on the way.
on Oct 12, 2007
on Oct 19, 2007
It's a great idea, but I'm so lazy, I'm going to have to think about it. I'll let you know. Hee Hee.
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