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Thanks for the free ice cream
Published on August 7, 2008 By BlueDev In Blogging
I appreciate it.  I really do.  Thanks to JoeUser, I understood blogging.  I realized that it can be an enjoyable, cathartic and at times intellectually stimulating exercise. 
Unfortunately, as of late, it has been none of those things.  I think about blogging and I feel weighed down.  I stop by JoeUser and am overwhelmed by the torrent of Stardock support type articles/Wincustomize cross-posts that I understand are just part and parcel of the new and improved JoeUser.  I swing by to read an interesting discussion and instead see the same old players spouting the same old, tired cliches.  I look for new blood, but instead find myself awash in nearly unreadable babble.
I just don't even remotely enjoy it anymore.  And, perhaps most importantly, I realize the issue really rests on my shoulders.
I can't stand the new JoeUser.  It is ugly.  It is not user friendly.  Everything looks the same.  "My" blog looks the same as "your" blog looks the same as "his" blog looks the same as "her" blog (I use quotation marks as I feel it is disingenuous to really consider these exercises in sameness to be personal blogs).  The truth is, I no longer feel that I actually have a blog here.  Rather, I write on one of JoeUser's generic, cookie cutter pages.  I can't customize my blog, I can't add what I want to, and I can't even write articles here and save them to publish later.
And the ads, the ads, the ads, ads, ads and ads!  I raise a mighty single finger salute the intrusive, offensive, garish ads. 
I'm tired of the community.  Most of the voices who yell the loudest continue to be the most hollow.  Again, I can blame no one but myself, as I haven't contributed any decent articles for months now.  I'm part of the problem.
So, I shall remove myself from the situation.  There will be no flurry of deleting old articles.  They shall remain here.  I'm not swearing the site off, as I will still use Google Reader to keep up on some of the folks here.  I just won't blog here anymore.  For a time now I have been blogging at my blog, and then cross-posting them to this site.  But it just isn't worth it anymore.
The fam (SanChonino and Cedarbird), Dynamaso, MasonM, Little Whip, Tova, ForeverSerenity, Texas Wahine, Parated2K, Jill and Brad, and Roy, I will still be reading.  If I see some of you around my blog, I would be honored.  If I don't, I understand.
Thanks for the free ice cream, I just can't stomach the flavor anymore. 
http://daddymd.blogspot.com  for the personal blog
http://progged.blogspot.com  for the colab music blog

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on Aug 07, 2008
Thanks for the free ice cream, I just can't stomach the flavor anymore.

If you're lactose intolerant, free ice cream is just going to make you dead.

Good luck at your other blog.
on Aug 07, 2008
As you well know, I feel the same way. it's been a month and a half since I've posted anything.

Oh well.

How are things, anyway? I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever.
on Aug 07, 2008

I certainly miss a lot of the good old days too, but hopefully there will be new good old days.

Now, I am going to try really hard at writing better blogs so I can make your list. By the way, thanks for always answering my medical letters. I am sure they are silly but you taking the time to answer is awesome.

I will pop in and check your new blog from time to time.

on Aug 07, 2008
I agree, but I continue to post when bored. I'll go read your other blogs, though. Later, biggest brother.
on Aug 07, 2008
I am sad to know you won't be blogging here. I have especially missed reading your thoughts and comments on others' blogs as well because I feel like you are unique and interesting among us. A Mormon urologist and father of three who is into metal and fitness. Hehe.

I will bookmark your regular blog and start catching up!
on Aug 08, 2008


on Aug 08, 2008

Now, I am going to try really hard at writing better blogs so I can make your list.

You're added Kelly.  I just haven't been around for long enough, I forget who I enjoy reading.

on Aug 08, 2008

I will bookmark your regular blog and start catching up!

Just be warned, it hasn't been updated for a long time as well, It was just when I started thinking of blogging again, I have the energy to blog there, but just don't want to continue to cross-post here.

on Aug 08, 2008

How are things, anyway? I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever.

Good.  One of these days I will catch you online again and we will chat.

on Aug 08, 2008

I was thinking about you the other day, wondering what you were up to.  I understand what you mean about the "new and improved" JU.  It's not only vanilla, it doesn't allow us to add our favorite syrups and toppings.  It has become the "any color as long as it's black" blogsite.

I'll be checking out your blog at times.  I don't spend as much time online as I used to, so it will only be once in a while, but I will put it on my "things to check out" list.

We'll always have Rush! :~D


on Aug 08, 2008

I'm tired of the community.

I take many of your points, particularly this one. There used to be a plethora of contributors with something significant to say. Latterly, some appear to have lost their bite, others bite less often, and yet more have disappeared altogether. No doubt the vanilla-isation of the site has had something to do with this phenomenon. The result is that JU's resident non-trivial backbone has diminished noticeably, and is perhaps now below the critical mass required for the site to retain its identity.

As for those newer contributors who have seeped in to fill the gaps left by the dearture of the old guard ... well, no offence, people, but by and large we've heard it all before, and generally with rather more substance, wit and eloquence.

All the best, BlueDev.

on Aug 08, 2008

Good luck with your practive Blue Dev...I am adding you to my sidebar so I can just pop over and read you anytime.

I'll miss you.

on Aug 08, 2008
I came to JU from another site where I saw people abusing their admin powers to delete or block people from speaking their minds. I found great articles, wonderful peoples and excellent arguments on JU and I was quickly hooked. But like you and so many others, I too feel the site has gone downhill since, slightly before the upgrade but mostly because of the update as well. I have yet to find a new place to check out since I just haven't been looking around. I liked it here a lot and stuck around hoping to see life come back to it but it has been slow to do so.

Hope all goes well in your new adventure. Will check out your other blog tonight.
on Aug 08, 2008

Sorry to see you go.  At least you didn't burn any bridges and proclaim that you'll never be back.  You can always give it time and stop back by.  Just as things have changed in an unfavorable way for you, maybe they will change in the future and attract you back.

I haven't blogged much in a long time due to lack of time and too many distractions.  Perhaps when school starts and I get back into a routine, I'll have more time to write.  I'll be sure to check your blog out too.

Best wishes.

on Aug 08, 2008

Ah DrDev, yer one the good ones around here and I am gonna miss yer musings, Twas a pleasure the "see" you struggle through med school and beyond.

be at peace, always.