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Thanks for the free ice cream
Published on August 7, 2008 By BlueDev In Blogging
I appreciate it.  I really do.  Thanks to JoeUser, I understood blogging.  I realized that it can be an enjoyable, cathartic and at times intellectually stimulating exercise. 
Unfortunately, as of late, it has been none of those things.  I think about blogging and I feel weighed down.  I stop by JoeUser and am overwhelmed by the torrent of Stardock support type articles/Wincustomize cross-posts that I understand are just part and parcel of the new and improved JoeUser.  I swing by to read an interesting discussion and instead see the same old players spouting the same old, tired cliches.  I look for new blood, but instead find myself awash in nearly unreadable babble.
I just don't even remotely enjoy it anymore.  And, perhaps most importantly, I realize the issue really rests on my shoulders.
I can't stand the new JoeUser.  It is ugly.  It is not user friendly.  Everything looks the same.  "My" blog looks the same as "your" blog looks the same as "his" blog looks the same as "her" blog (I use quotation marks as I feel it is disingenuous to really consider these exercises in sameness to be personal blogs).  The truth is, I no longer feel that I actually have a blog here.  Rather, I write on one of JoeUser's generic, cookie cutter pages.  I can't customize my blog, I can't add what I want to, and I can't even write articles here and save them to publish later.
And the ads, the ads, the ads, ads, ads and ads!  I raise a mighty single finger salute the intrusive, offensive, garish ads. 
I'm tired of the community.  Most of the voices who yell the loudest continue to be the most hollow.  Again, I can blame no one but myself, as I haven't contributed any decent articles for months now.  I'm part of the problem.
So, I shall remove myself from the situation.  There will be no flurry of deleting old articles.  They shall remain here.  I'm not swearing the site off, as I will still use Google Reader to keep up on some of the folks here.  I just won't blog here anymore.  For a time now I have been blogging at my blog, and then cross-posting them to this site.  But it just isn't worth it anymore.
The fam (SanChonino and Cedarbird), Dynamaso, MasonM, Little Whip, Tova, ForeverSerenity, Texas Wahine, Parated2K, Jill and Brad, and Roy, I will still be reading.  If I see some of you around my blog, I would be honored.  If I don't, I understand.
Thanks for the free ice cream, I just can't stomach the flavor anymore. 
http://daddymd.blogspot.com  for the personal blog
http://progged.blogspot.com  for the colab music blog

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on Aug 08, 2008

I hate to see a good contributor leaving, as it doesn't help Joeuser moving forward.  However, I hope you decide to come back and share your thoughts again.


And the ads, the ads, the ads, ads, ads and ads!  I raise a mighty single finger salute the intrusive, offensive, garish ads.

I do want to address this real quick.  JoeUser is a free site, and as with any site it costs money to develop, maintain, etc.  Ads are necessity due to this.


on Aug 08, 2008

Hey Peter, good luck and thanks for being a great addition to us here at JU!  I definitely will miss you being on here, and I do understand. Like Jill said, I'm glad you haven't sworn off us!

I'll be sure to bookmark you! I used to pop in now and again since I have you on my IM but I've not even been on MSN in a while!  Take care of you and that lovely family!

on Aug 08, 2008

Peace out, and good luck

on Aug 08, 2008

I don't spend as much time online as I used to, so it will only be once in a while, but I will put it on my "things to check out" list.

Thanks Ted.  I appreciate it.

On the rare occasions I do post a new thread these days, it's quickly buried under the skinning/impulse/latest stardock offering avalanche.

Yeah, I know.  That is a huge part of what makes it too tiresome to come here to read.  I have to sift through 3 pages of chaff to find the wheat.  Let me know if you get something set up at Voodoo Chat for us JU refuges.

on Aug 08, 2008

All the best, BlueDev.

Thanks FC.  I appreciate it.

I'll miss you.

I will still check your blog out Tova, so I won't be completely absent.

on Aug 08, 2008

I do want to address this real quick. JoeUser is a free site, and as with any site it costs money to develop, maintain, etc. Ads are necessity due to this.

I know IslandDog.  I really do.  But how can that be considered an acceptable response when there are plenty of other free options that are more feature rich and don't accost the user with a minimum of 3 obnoxious image ads and a handful of text ads?  I support Stardock's decision to subsidize the cost of running the site with ads.  That is fine.  I just hate it, and so felt the better solution, rather than incessantly whine about them, was to use one of those other free sites.  No loss to Stardock, no loss to me.

But I will say, the previous version of JoeUser was not even remotely as heinous in its ad presentation as this current version.

on Aug 08, 2008

be at peace, always.

Many thanks Elie.  Peace to you through your life as well.

Like Jill said, I'm glad you haven't sworn off us!

Naw, I don't want to do that.  Too much drama.    I just wanted to let those who might care know I intend to continue blogging, just elsewhere.  Thanks for your support FS.

on Aug 09, 2008

I don't blame you one bit. I hate the "new and improved" JU intensely and for the same reasons you cited. But I, for some weird reason, just keep hangin' on.

Anyway I for one will miss you here. I wish you Good luck and good fortune in all you do.

on Aug 09, 2008
I agree on the "sameness" of the blogs. I keep on wishing and hoping some sort of customization options will become available.

Best wishes to you. Honestly, I hope this isn't the last time we see ya around. It's always kind of sad to see a well liked regular leave.
on Aug 09, 2008

Echoing Jill's "sorry to see you go," in a way, I'd just add that JU is like a fast food restaurant.  You come by, order a burger, and drive off.  Eventually, you don't want burgers everyday, so you go somewhere else.  It's cool.  Who wants the same meal every day?  (Unless it's pizza hut and waffle house, but I digress...)


JU has its own menu, and I hope you drive through once in a while.  Perhaps after you've eaten at the other place for a while, you might just get a hankering for JU home cookin' .  When you do, we'll be here.


Until then, best wishes, and be very well.


on Aug 09, 2008
I understand how you feel, I'm not posting all that much these days myself. Good luck and hope to see ya around.
on Aug 09, 2008
I seldom post articles, but I check the article list almost every day and frequently reply to topics of interest to me. But I must agree about both the failure of SD to follow through on their promises of blog customization options and the cross-posting of articles between JU & WC. I seem to remember a lot of complaints about the cross-posting early on during the launch of JU & a very quick & pointed response from SD - "That's the way it is and forever shall be. Quit asking about it." That's fine, since it is their nickel, but it seems fewer & fewer people constitute the 'community' anymore, so I, too, am sad to see you bail, BlueDev.

Would a 36 sound sharp to the forehead help?

Best of luck to you.
on Aug 10, 2008

 I'll spill some out 4 my homie

on Aug 19, 2008

Hey Pete, I'm am sorry I didn't see this sooner.  You were one of the very first 'friends' I made here and I value your intellect, your humour and your opinions.  I hope you do drop by occasionally and say g'day.  I too am not really feeling JU like I used to do.  I don't like the bland look of it and, like others above, don't really want to confront a whole lot of widget/desktop etc., articles to find a few by my friends.

I will be checking out your blogspot regularly.  Stay in touch, mate.

on Aug 19, 2008

Peter, all the best, mate.  You were one of the first friends I made here and I've always valued your honesty, intelligence and wit.  I will miss you around here, mate.  I too have been put off by the over-abundance of widget/desktop etc articles and having to trawl through them to find something interesting to read. 

I will be checking out your other blog regularly.  Stay in touch, mate.