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Revenge of the Sith
Published on November 4, 2004 By BlueDev In Movies & TV & Books
First off let it be known I am unabashedly a geek. I don't try to hide it and I won't beat around the bush about it. So there it is.

I am not a paying member of starwars.com. In fact I haven't visited the site since the hype sessions for Episode I. But I do know they released the teaser trailer for members today, and are going to release it for general viewing next week I believe. However, I also knew that they were going to be showing it tonight during Access Hollywood, so I punished myself by watching that (okay, so I just turned it on, muted it, went about my business until I saw it coming up) so I could catch the trailer.

It looks freaking awesome.

Of course the teaser trailers for Episodes I and II looked awesome as well, and we saw how those turned out. But this one looks cool. Dark, tense, with some very good action in it. While I am not nearly as excited as I was for The Phantom Menace, I admit to still looking forward to Revenge of the Sith. I want to see what becomes of Anakin, Padme, how Palpatine declares himself and takes power, what happens to Dooku (since there can only be two--my guess is Anakin kills him), and the extinction of the Jedi (well, most of them at least).

I sincerely hope that Lucas doesn't try to "kiddiefy" the movie too much. It needs to be dark, and I fear him toning that down so it is kid friendly. But we can only wait and see. I realize a lot of folks have very, very bitter feelings regarding Episodes I and II. I never really understood that. Yes, Lucas made some really bad choices (midichlorians?!?! and Hayden Christensen, well, enough said), but overall I think they are still decent movies. I mean, there is bad dialog and bad acting in the original three as well. Lots of it. I often think the nostalgia factor weighs a little too heavily when it comes to the original three (and yes, I am old enough to have seen The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in theaters--might have seen the first, just don't remember that!).

One other thing I see getting tossed about is the poor choice in title. Revenge of the Sith. Am I the only one who sees the parallel there? It makes perfect sense to me. Episode VI is Return of the Jedi, which was originally supposed to be Revenge of the Jedi. Lucas decided that Revenge wasn't a very "Jedi-like" thing, so he changes the name. So now we have Revenge of the Sith finishing one trilogy, to be balanced by Return of the Jedi to finish the other. I actually think it is a great title. So while I am not planning on hitting it opening day, or waiting in long lines, I am looking forward to seeing it.

But then again, I am a geek.

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on Nov 04, 2004
I saw A New Hope in the drive in!!! It was awesome! I can't wait for Episode III to come out! I didn't know it was going to be on Access Hollywood or I would have recorded it with the DVR. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. I enjoyed I and II, but I agree that III needs to be less kiddified. Can't wait!
on Nov 04, 2004
Yes, I am not the only one who didn't hate I and II. They had their shortcomings and problems, but I enjoyed them more than a lot of other movies I have seen. Episode III looks to be cool. I am looking forward to seeing the trailer again.
on Nov 04, 2004
I honestly only disliked the entirety of "Episode One." I did not see "Episode Two." I don't think I will see "Episode Three." I have not seen either the re-mastered versions of the Holy Trilogy nor the re-re-mastered versions.
The documentary that comes with the newest box set is friggin' shweet, though. I caught it on some cable channel before the set was available, and it really pumped me up for the original trilogy... too bad they won't release that, eh?
In this quite awesome documentary, it mentioned that Lucas had written his story, but that he could only do about the first third of it in one movie. This seems to support that the original trilogy was completely written together, but that there may have been changes to the second and third installments as time went on (eWoks, anyone? As Yogurt might say, "Moychandising!"). However, it does not reflect the *three films* before this story... I really think that the "Episode IV" portion of the film was just to hammer home that the story began "in media res," not that there was truly going to be "prequels" which would be shadows of the previous attempts (even of Star Wars, which many of the actors couldn't even take seriously).
The more paranoid side of me wants to believe that the film was originally aired *without* the "Episode IV: A New Hope" tag, and that was only added later, upon re-release in the theaters (there was a re-release, right? Not the re-mastered version, but one at the ten year anniversary mark? How else do I remember seeing it in the theaters? FMS?), after Empire and Jedi had the V and VI tags, which allow for a "fleshing out of the backstory," aka "whoring our childhoods for profit."
I would like to thank Lucas for making something that was a huge part of my childhood, but I would also like to thank him to leave it alone now. [/geek rant]
on Nov 04, 2004
The more paranoid side of me wants to believe that the film was originally aired *without* the "Episode IV: A New Hope

I honestly can't remember if the tag was there or not (I was six, I think when I saw the movie), but I want to say it was...
on Nov 04, 2004
The more paranoid side of me wants to believe that the film was originally aired *without* the "Episode IV: A New Hope" tag

As far as I know this was always the case. The clone wars, the origin of vader and empire, etc. were all talked about in the original movies and the backstory always existed if only in Lucas's head.

I am also looking forward to ep3. They did do some boneheaded things in the first two, but I maintain that this one HAS to be good just based on what events we know have to happen in between eps two and four. Those are the events I always wanted to hear about in my extensive readings in the star wars universe (I have just admitted I am also a geek )
on Nov 05, 2004
I hated Episode I, but liked Clone Wars. If only Hayden was not such a stiff, the movie would have been perfect. I hope in this one, he has improved. I'm looking forward to how ObiWan escapes, what became of Padme, and how the Skywalker twins were separated.

>> The more paranoid side of me wants to believe that the film was originally aired *without* the "Episode IV: A New Hope" tag

I always thought the film was originally without the "Episode IV" tag, but "A New Hope" was always there. In the same way, I could've sworn there was no V or VI tags to the other two until much later, although the "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" had always been part of the titles.

on Nov 05, 2004
Maybe I am just getting old, yes when the first movie came out I was thirty something (enough said about age), but I remember thinking that the acting in this movie is really bad. However, there was a "but" here, and that was this movie at the time have some of the best special effects to date. Be sides my to pre-teen boys thought it was about the best thing going (until Indy came along). All three of the first movies at some point have some bad acting, however, the story line (though simple) was good, and it allow parents to let there pre-teens, and teens go to a movie without the language problems that were cropping up in movies of that time.
Now the last two episodes in my humble opinion were not as bad as some like to believe. Yes the young Skywalker was a bit of a stiff, and there were times when even some of the big names (which showed up) had some problems (Sam L. Jackson had done better in Jasic Park). But these are highly entertaining movies with a care cut messages: "The good guys always win.".
So, when Espisode III hits the movies I will be there (wheel chair and all). And, the good thing is those two pre-teens who saw the movie with their mother; this thime are taking her. We won't go until about week three, and it will be on a Sunday night around Ten O'clock (there the hinterlands where we live everyone else will be home in bed so it will be easy to get a sit.

Oh, by the way thank you for putting up something other then what happen to Kerry or Bush. It is truly refreshing.

on Nov 05, 2004
pseudosoldier--I haven't had a chance to see the documentary yet. But I have always thought that there was a lot of disparity floating around when it comes to what was the original story, etc. Rumors of it being 9 films, then 6, or perhaps only 3, who really knows. I sure don't, and I sometimes wonder if Lucas does. Thanks for the comments, I will check out the documentary.

Vecctor--I agree, the very fact of what part of the story Ep III has to tell really makes it necessary that the movie at least have an interesting story. And of course the visual aspect will be great.

Raven--I didn't hate Ep I, but was really bothered by some parts. I agree that Ep II was better, though Hayden bugs me still. Oh well.

Pam--Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. So glad that someone else thinks that there was some bad acting in the original three as well. I do think the humor in the original worked better, largely in part due to Harrison Ford. I think the prequels, while with their problems, are still fun, visually exciting, decent movies. Thanks again for stopping by.
on Nov 05, 2004
I believe that the Title ("A New Hope") was present, but the Label ("Episode IV") was not.
on Nov 05, 2004
I have nothing against Hayden Christiansen so much as the dialogue he is supposed to utter. I am really looking forward to the next one, but like others, am not wanting to get my hopes up either. I really want to see Ewan McGregor kick ass, and am waiting to cry when the final scene between Kenobi and Skywalker. I will be lining up for the first showing, and will probably let my girl skip school that afternoon so we can see it during the friday matinee. Now, of course, if there's a midnight showing....
on Nov 05, 2004
I have nothing against Hayden Christiansen so much as the dialogue he is supposed to utter.

I originally thought that as well. Until I watched Attack of the Clones again a week ago. Some of the lines that are supposed to be humorous actually could have been good if they hadn't been delivered so woodenly (thinking specifically of the scene where he gets the speeder to follow Obi Wan and answers the "what took you so long" question). Many of the lines (while not great) had potential had the actor been a little more capable. But I don't hate him, I just don't like him. And I think that is the biggest failure. For us to really appreciate Anakin/Vader I think Lucas needed to make us like Anakin, especially in Ep II. Then his fall would be even more tragic.

I am also looking forward to what I hope will be more "force fights" in this one.
on Nov 05, 2004
I am also looking forward to what I hope will be more "force fights" in this one.

Me too. Who hasn't tried moving an object into their own hand with the power of the Force?
on Nov 05, 2004
Who hasn't tried moving an object into their own hand with the power of the Force?

Okay, totally embarrassing, stupid story to tell here.

When I was younger and bored I would some times just lay down on the floor in a room and toss a ball up in the air and catch it. For a long time. Every once in a while I would make an errant throw or a crappy catch and the ball would get away from me. One particular time I was there, on my back, and the ball got away from me, up above my head and beyond the reach of my arms. I was tired and lazy, so I just reached my hands up, closed my eyes and pretended I could move the ball with "The Force". Suddenly there it was, the ball was in my hand I my eyes shot open. I was a little freaked out.

Then I heard my mom giggling. She had crept into the room and rolled the ball into my hands. Crushed my hopes forever.
on Nov 05, 2004
I am also looking forward to what I hope will be more "force fights" in this one.

Me too. Who hasn't tried moving an object into their own hand with the power of the Force?

I try everyday! But, my office mate always introduces me to other people with the tag 'The Force is weak in this one...'.
on Nov 05, 2004
'The Force is weak in this one...'.

Sounds like they deserve an atomic wedgie! Oh yessss, revenge of the sith my eye. Revenge of the wedgie.