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Published on July 14, 2005 By BlueDev In Life Journals
I have found that my birthday means less and less to me the more I have. Growing up they often had some significant advantage to each advancing year. Suddenly I could have a job, *poof* now I could drive, etc. But once you hit a certain point they pretty much just become a day like any other.

My oldest daughter, of course, has a hard time with this idea. To her it is daddy's birthday, so he should feel different, older, special. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

But I just don't need a special day to remind me I am getting older these days. Every morning as I drag myself out of bed for another marathon day in the hospital I can feel that I just ain't as spry as I used to be. There are days when I am accutely aware of my age (29 today), and the fact that I am STILL a student (boy, don't I feel like a loser!). But I hold firmly to the fact that I will have those extra initials after my name before I actually hit 30.

I guess I gotta hang onto something, right?

on Jul 14, 2005
Well, whether it is special to you or not, I do hope that you have a Happy Birthday! Take care and it's good to see you posting again.
on Jul 14, 2005
Thanks chiprj. That is kind of you.
on Jul 14, 2005
Happy Birthday Blue Dev! Good to see you again...how's your beautiful family doing?!
on Jul 14, 2005
Thank you dharma. The family is alive and well. Completely and totally frazzled, but getting by.
on Jul 14, 2005
Join the club, the draggin self out of bed and getting older part! Ah Peter, doesn't matter how old you are, once you've passed 25 you might as well turn your dance card in! yeah right!

Kids love birthdays and they're the reason why you enjoy it so much. Am I right or am I right?!

Happy birthday and great to see ya!
on Jul 14, 2005
Ah, from someone who recently had his 42nd birthday, Pete, I can't say I feel your pain because I'm too busy feeling my own

I hope you had a great birthday regardless of your lack of enthusiasm. All the best for the next year, too.


on Jul 14, 2005
I hope you had a great birthday regardless of your lack of enthusiasm.

I'm on call today. Long, long day in the hospital. So I suppose you make the best of it, eh?
on Jul 14, 2005
Happy Birthday!
on Jul 14, 2005
Thanks Dusk!