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Published on January 30, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine
This week was a frustrating one. Even though I was exhausted I managed to exercise every day. In fact, exercise went very well. Considering that 3 weeks ago I had to force myself to run 5 minutes while on my long walks, the fact that I was able to run 3 continuous miles multiple times encourages me considerably. In fact, my wife and I are planning on doing a 5k together soon. Again, I was able to go up on the weight I was lifting. All good news.

However, the frustration results from my weight staying the same. It didn't budge at all!

I have to believe it is because my muscle mass is increasing while the fat is decreasing. The reason I say that is simple: I had to move 2 notches smaller on my belt this week. That is surely exciting, but frustrating as well, as I would have liked to have seen a decrease in my weight.

Hopefully this week will bring that.

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on Jan 30, 2006
Oh, my plan to get fitter went out the window as soon as we started concentrating on rehearsing and recording. I know I'll feel better and more energetic once I start again but at the moment, other priorities are taking up my time.

I admire your perseverance, mate. It is encouraging.
on Jan 30, 2006
I admire your perseverance, mate. It is encouraging.

Thanks man. It has been wearing on my a bit this past week, but I hope to get back on top of things this week so it doesn't feel like such a chore.
on Jan 30, 2006
Hey dr...I have a question for you!

So I got my blood tests back. My cholesterol came back pretty good--166. But my long-term glucose test came back high (I don't remember the name of it). My dr. wants me to see a dietician and start exercising more. I've got all that down, but my issue is that I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome and my hormones are completely messed up. I have hypo-thyroid, and my insulin tends to run high (or it did last spring...the last time I was tested for it--not it seems the glucose is running high). ANyway...all these things put together make it REALLY hard for me to drop the pounds I desperately need to, even with a very controlled diet and exercise. Any ideas?
on Jan 30, 2006
Hmm, well Marcie, how long have you tried to exercise (and by this I mean regular, serious exercise)?

Often, long term consistency can be the key. Regular exercise will help the cells, particularly the muscle cells, respond better to the insuling, lowering the blood sugar. But this is a long term thing. Once that starts to kick in, it will help to regulate the whole insulin/glucagon axis.

Resistance training (weights) is key also. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns just doing regular activities and even at rest. A lot of people forget that one of the most effective ways to lose wieght is to lift it.

Send me more info on what sort of things you have tried and for how long (if you can be as specific as possible that will help). You can get my email address in the "Contact Me" link in my sidebar.
on Jan 30, 2006
Blue...5:30 comes awful early as I'm sure you know. I'll try to get back to you within the next few days.

I haven't been doing much lately as far as excercise goes. The day I got those results I went to the Y and got a membership. Now I just have to have some time to get there. I figure at this point, anything is better than what I'm currently doing, which is nothing.

Previously, however, I was working out regularly--60 mins of cardio and at least 30 of weights. I did that all fall and all winter and lost a grand total of about five pounds.

A big thing I need to change is my eating habits. I'm a big stress eater and I feel fairly stressed out lots of the time, so that doesn't help any. I'm going to to see this dietician and see what she recommends...

on Jan 31, 2006
2 notches are good!  It is muscle mass.  Keep it up!
on Jan 31, 2006

I think that measurements are a better gage for weight loss than the scale since muscle weighs more than fat.

Marcie, I have the same problems you describe (well, I don't have the female problems anymore, but I did), and I am able to lose weight.  I was borderline diabetic before I got my sweet tooth under control, and I have the metabolism of an 85 year old since I no longer have a thyroid.

The thing is, you have to change your view on food and exercise.  It has nothing to do with the way you look- it's completely about health.  You have to eat fresh fruits and veggies and eliminate processed foods.  You have to exercise at least 5 times a week, and drink plenty of water.  The dietitian will work out how many servings of protein and carbs you should have with your fruits and veggies, and will also let you know how evil processed sugars are for anyone who has glucose problems.

To figure out how many calories are needed to lose weight, you first have to figure out what it takes to maintain your weight.  If you take your current weight and multiply it by 12, you will get the amount need to maintain your weight. 

A pound is roughly 3500 calories, so you have to eliminate, by either less food or by exercise, 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week.

So, say a person is 200 pounds (I like easy math).  They would require 2400 calories to maintain that weight.  If calorie intake was lowered to 1700 calories, and exercise eliminated another 300 calories per day, the person would lose 2 pounds per week.

Since people with slow metabolisms lose slower, that same scenario will most likely result in a 1 - 1 1/2 pound per week weight loss, or in my case, 1/2 to 3/4 pound loss.  But, over time, it adds up and you end up healthier.

Ask the dietitian lots and lots of questions, especially about foods that you currently eat and ask for honest opinions.

on Jan 31, 2006
Thanks Doc!

Karma: Thanks so much for your excellent input and information. Spot on!
on Jan 31, 2006

Spot on!

That is the second time I have seen you use that term.  Did someone grow up with too much Mary poppins?

on Jan 31, 2006
Did someone grow up with too much Mary poppins?

I didn't really care for Mary Poppins growing up, but our oldest daughter used to watch that show just about every day for a time. That just might be it.
on Feb 01, 2006

our oldest daughter used to watch that show just about every day for a time.

With my Oldest it was Short Circuit. At one time, I think I knew every one of Number 5's lines!

on Feb 01, 2006

With my Oldest it was Short Circuit.

I'd take Mary Poppins over that, thatnk you.  LOL

on Feb 03, 2006
The weight loss will soon come... keep up the good work... I just need to get remotivated to lose the extra 35 pounds I want to lose. 43 down... 35 to go. The slump has been KILLING me!!