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-or- tasting success again
Published on February 4, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine
I will count this week as a success. In fact, I will count it as a pretty big success.

In short, down another 5 pounds, making it a total of 15 for the month of January.

But other successes include: I ran 4.5 miles this morning, with a 3 mile split time that was 2 min 30 seconds faster than the 3 miles I ran last week. That was big. I like seeing those kinds of improvements. My pants continue to fit more loose: I can now take off my favorite pair of pants without even unbottoning or unzipping them. And I just feel better overall.

Plus, considering that I was pretty sick this week, I felt it was a triumph to still workout hard every day. That makes 28 days without missing (with the exception of Sunday, my day off). Hope I can keep it up next week.

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on Feb 06, 2006
Way to go mate.
on Feb 06, 2006
Many thanks friend.
on Feb 07, 2006
A resolution is doing it cause you told yourself you would.  Dedication is doing it when you are sick!
on Feb 07, 2006
Dedication is doing it when you are sick!

I think the trick is this is beginning to feel more like a way of life, and less like something I am forcing myself to do every day.