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August 26, 2007 by BlueDev
I know Zoomba did a test blog with a similar title, but I couldn't quite tell, did it work?  Island Dog was unsuccessful, so here I am, going to give it a try.
August 20, 2007 by BlueDev
This is incredibly petty of me, but I have to admit, after my last blog that was actually about what has been going on in my life went over like a rock, with only one comment (thanks Maso!!!  You da man!), I have been somewhat sapped of my desire to blog.  It is a silly reason, but I am the first to admit that one of my impetuses for blogging is the comments.  So, being summarily ignored was a bit of a let down.  Oh well, I can't say I have been great about commenting on othe...
July 23, 2007 by BlueDev
It's been a while.  In fact, with the exception of the recent music collab article I worked on with San Cho, it has been two months to the day since my last post.  Hmm.  Even I am surprised it has been that long.

-I have had every intention of writing a number of blogs in that time.  I have quite a few even started, festering in some state of composition.  For some reason, they just never grew to fruition.  I found myself bored with them, or bored with writing, o...
February 11, 2007 by BlueDev
The days are like weeks, the weeks are like days.

We used to say that in the mission field all the time.  Some days just crawled past, seeming unterminable.  Yet before we knew it, 4 weeks had passed and it was time for yet another round of transfers.  Lately, it hasn't been any different. 

It isn't really that the days seem to go by so slowly, there just seems to be so much that fills them that it is a wonder they are only 24 hours long.  Get up, exercise, head t...
February 2, 2007 by BlueDev
I understand that with everything going on at Stardock right now, this little old site simply can't be high priority.  But I just thought I would toss this out there as it ends up affecting some of your commercial software (which some of us have probably purchased).

The RSS feeds here at JU are way behind.  We are talking almost a month and a half behind.  So in the end, this makes using BlogNavigator Pro useless in terms of actually reading anything here.  It is a shame, ...
January 26, 2007 by BlueDev
This is a shameless plug.  My brother, San Chonino, and I put together an article on some of the musical highlights of 2006.  Honestly, we worked pretty hard on it, and would hate to see it sink into complete oblivion. 

Hence, an article with a slightly salacious title in hopes to point people in the right direction if they are interested.  Thanks.
November 5, 2006 by BlueDev
Since I have, sort of, been getting the blogging bug back, I thought it might be worth an update post of sorts. It has been since immediately after the move that I wrote much in general about life, and since we are living it in its full glory, well, here you go.

-The physical aspect of moving the NH went well. The emotional aspect has been more trying. For me, I was able to pretty much adapt instantly. I was thrown, head deep, into my new life as an intern. I spent every day around awesome p...
October 20, 2006 by BlueDev
I knew it was wrong.  I knew it would get ugly.  But, in my moment of weakness, I did it anyway.  And I was write.  It was ugly.

I fed a troll.

I am not nearly as veteran as many here when it comes to internet communities, but I have been around for a few years now.  Certainly long enough to know that you never, ever get anything but a headache when you engage a troll.

It doesn't matter how you reply.  You can be cool as can be, and attempt to reason with ...
September 29, 2006 by BlueDev
I try not to hate. It rarely does any good, and generally only hurts the hater. There are some exceptions (my bro, Capt. Underpants, can attest to some of my more vitriolic thoughts) though. Some things and/or people are entirely deserving of hate. Upon them, I wish only the worst. One example comes readily to mind:

Ignorant dill-holes who think they should dispense "medical" advice because they learned how to use a keyboard.

I hate them. I hate what they do. I hate the misinformati...
September 17, 2006 by BlueDev
My blogging has been sporadic at best.  I would chalk it up to being busy, because I certainly am.  My parents like to ask how many hours a week I am working, as if they expect some sort of surprise.  Perhaps after a few years of telling them "I'm working my 80 hours" they will catch on that this isn't going to change.

But had I the desire, I certainly have had the time to blog.  Or even read other blogs.

Yet I have not.  JoeUser, specifically, and blogging in gene...
August 27, 2006 by BlueDev
-Wow, been a while.  I didn't even realize how long it had been.  Bad BlueDev.  Bad!

-The doctor-nurse relationship is one of the most fundamental, wonderfully helpful and potentially damning relationships out there.  Trust me.  It is a fascinating dynamic, one which I intend to explore in a future blog.  I suppose this is the teaser trailer.

-I love being a doctor (in training).  My knowledge is surely lacking in many areas, but I already feel I have lea...
August 7, 2006 by BlueDev
I wish I had a backbone.

If I did, I might actually let a few of the regulars here know what I really think and feel about them.  If I did, I wouldn't try so damn hard to be diplomatic in the way I present things.  In the end, I fear I just come off wishy-washy and weak.

I'm sick of it.

But I still don't know if I have the spine to just let it out, be honest, and name names.  I really, really want to, but am too weak.  Perhaps I can find a spare spine somewhere. ...
August 1, 2006 by BlueDev
Sally wrote an article last week about listing some of your favorites from this site.  I have to admit, I was, and am, truly humbled to read that there were a few people who listed me as either their favorite (thanks bro!) or their "most interesting".

In fact, NickyG prodded a little by pointing out the my blogging seems to come in spurts.  To that, I admit full culpability.  These days, I can attribute a lot of that to my schedule.

But not all.

So, I have decided to give...
July 26, 2006 by BlueDev
100_1542 (Small) Hosted on Zooomr

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. . .
July 22, 2006 by BlueDev
It is interesting. 

In the past, when my time here was very regular, I had a pretty good finger on the pulse of JU.  I knew who really got along with who, those who hated each other, those who loved to argue but were congenial at the end of the day, etc.

In short, I was pretty well informed when it came to the net soap operas that sprung up from time to time.

Lately, though, that is not really the case.  My diminished time spent here keeps me from reading all that much.&...