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August 23, 2004 by BlueDev
Years ago, when I first started contemplating going to medical school, I had a fear.

And that fear has successfully been overcome.

I was afraid of the first year of clinical work. Yep, downright afraid. And as I finished up my first year (all bookwork and basic science stuff here at Duke) and second year approached (the first year of clinical work, usually the third year of medical school at other schools) that fear became more real, more tangible. After all, I have a family, a wife a...
July 10, 2004 by BlueDev
I am currently on my Pediatrics rotation and just got home from a grueling, exhausting, and inspiring week.

I had the opportunity to spend a week of my rotation serving as a counselor at Camp Kaleidoscope. (Check the provided link for more info) Briefly, it is a camp that Duke offers for chronically ill children who would not be deemed healthy enough to attend regular summer camps. But because of the access to Duke staff, we can pull it off. And pull it off we did.

We left Sunday morni...
April 29, 2004 by BlueDev
There are a lot of great blogs here. And a lot of folks talk a lot about their lives in their blogs. Up to this point I haven't really written much about myself. But as I feel I am starting to make some online friends here and become part of a community I don't much care for the idea of hiding behind the anonymity of my screen name. So I thought I would write a little about who I actually am and what makes me tick. Arrogant of me? Perhaps, but I don't mean it to be. Actually it is an effo...