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Published on February 28, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine
Well, with the downtime last week, along with not getting an article written early enough, I figured I would just combine the last couple of weeks.

I think one word best describes the past couple of weeks: Frustration.

I wrote about a week and a half ago that I was done 20 lbs since the beginning of the year. Still true. But still just 20 lbs. I have sort of plateaued there and am having a hard time breaking through that. Again, as I can feel my clothes still getting more loose, as well as I am able to increase my max while lifting, I am sure I am still losing fat, while gaining muscle. But I would really like to see that number going down.

But I have still made it, every day of exercising since the 3rd of January. Very nearly two months now. So that has got to be a victory. Right?

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on Mar 01, 2006
I think you're doing great. I think it's very impressive that you made it to a week six or seven of a resolution. It seems like most of us can't make it past a few weeks.

Hey and get a pair of calipers. I got a pair and even if the scale isn't going down, it's enough for me to see that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle. It took a huge change in attitude for me to figure out that I don't want to lose weight, I want to lose fat. For a long time, I just wanted to be a smaller size even if it was on a crash diet and was really just water and muscle loss.

And being able to say that you've exercised everyday since January 3 is awesome!
on Mar 01, 2006
Dont sweat the plateau.  You knew it was coming.  The pounds will follow soon enough.  Like Loca says, you are doing great!  Keep it up.
on Mar 01, 2006
I agree, don't stress the last couple of pounds. That plateau is normal and happens to everyone. Try doing different exercises and possibly changing around what you eat as well. You done good, be proud (and I know you are!) hopefully the numbers will go down soon.
on Mar 01, 2006
Many thanks for the encouragement.  It helps.  I really does.
on Mar 02, 2006
Hey and I'd been slacking and dragged my butt back to the gym last night. It was sad. I had to go down to a level 1 on my cross-trainer because my heart rate was through the roof. It's amazing how quick you lose it if you slack off a bit. I guess my little fantasy that I get exercise chasing kids was just that, a fantasy. So I am making my new March resolution to never skip more than one day at the gym because if you miss one day, then you miss two and then the next thing you know it's been weeks. ugh. That way at the very least I will be going to the gym every other day. Plus I am going to see Jimmy Buffett at the end of April and I want to wear something cute.
on Mar 02, 2006

Hey Bluedev!  A friend, on a diet no less, just sent me this.  Now since they say "Duke", dont they share with their students?

When the Pounds Stop Dropping
Up to now, your diet has been successful. You've lost weight steadily, but 
now you seem to have hit a plateau. No matter what you do, the scale doesn't 
According to Duke University, the causes of diet plateaus are often  complex,
but there are things you can do to help cross them:
Weigh yourself just once a week. Sometimes what you think is a plateau is a 
normal fluctuation in weight.
Have reasonable expectations. People lose weight at different rates. In 
general, the more you have to lose, the faster it will come off.
Exercise also.  As soon as you start eating less, your 
metabolism slows down, reducing the rate at which you burn calories. If you  restrict
calories too much or exercise excessively, your body will start  hoarding
calories and fat to prevent starvation. 

on Mar 02, 2006

Thanks for the post there Doc.  I know I will get through, but it is all good.  I met another goal, so tomorrow I get to get my iPod.

My waist size is down SIX inches!!!  Rock on.

on Mar 03, 2006

My waist size is down SIX inches!!! Rock on.

now that is more important than pounds!

Unless you hate buying clothes!

on Mar 05, 2006
Congratulations on the resolution.

I think exercising everyday is a fabulous thing. It sure does make you fell better.
I wish you luck with the rest, but you don't need luck because you seem very commited.
on Mar 10, 2006
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