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My Object Desktop subscription recently expired.  On an attempt to install a program I am now informed that I no longer have access and my registration is not valid.  I was thought that with the expiration of the subscription I still had access to all programs that were part of Object Desktop, but not new updates.  Is that not correct.  Is it that I only have access to what was already downloaded when the sub expired?  Clarification would be nice, as it is a little disappointing that I cannot use some of these just because I did not have them downloaded when the sub expired.

on Dec 22, 2010

If you archived/backed up your programs through Impulse you should have access to them. The ones on your computer should still be working.

support@stardock.com  might give you links to the last versions of the software you were entitled to however they might not. I don't know the current/latest policy, but do remember reading they might not.

Good luck, BlueDev. I do see you're a current customer (4), so they might.

I'd suggest reupping your subscription, though.

on Dec 22, 2010

For information on how to archive your applications, please check here - Backup Stardock Applications Using Impulse

Remember that it is the users responsibility to backup their programs.


Note: Stardock will be closed for the Holidays so you may have to wait until the New Year for assistance.