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Published on March 16, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine


That pretty much sums up my attitude about the weight loss last week.  I worked out every day, did pretty well.  Never got on a scale.  Just didn't feel the need.  My clothes continue to fit too loose, but I don't want to buy new ones until I stop slimming down, which will still be a while I hope.  I was able to go for a 7.2 mile run Saturday morning.  That is what excites me the most.

See, when I first started exercising after the beginning of the year I started by walking.  I wanted to run, but knew I couldn't for very long.  So I walked.  Then I started throwing in a little bit of running here and there.  If I really pushed myself I could go for 5 minutes.  Pathetic.

But, 9 weeks later, to be comfortably running over 7 miles, well, that thrills me.  That increase in fitness is much more important than any aesthetics.

on Mar 16, 2006
You going to enter a marathon in the fall?  Sounds like you will be ready.
on Mar 16, 2006

You going to enter a marathon in the fall? Sounds like you will be ready.

Going for a half first.  Once I get above 10 miles I will start looking for a half to run.  Then we will see.

on Mar 16, 2006
good for you BlueDev. It's great when our bodies can do stuff like this, isn't it? Also, good for you for taking the time to treat your body nicely by going at your own pace.