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Published on September 23, 2004 By BlueDev In Movies & TV & Books
Last night my wife turned on "The Bachelor". It is one of those shows that we have watched in the past in occasion out of some sort of sick fascination. It is like watching a train wreck, that twisted, macabre attraction that pulls you in. You know you should turn away, you want to turn away, you feel dirty watching it. But you can't.


As the end of the episode was drawing near I noticed something that set me back a bit. Perhaps it was because I hadn't really thought about it that much, hadn't really watched or paid attention. But as roses were being handed out there they were. In the crowd some of the women were tearing up. There were even one or two that truly looked like they were going to lose it. This shocked me, to be honest. Why?

Simple. These women hardly know this guy.

And yet there they were, losing it over the prospect of getting sent home. So what was it these women really wanted? I just don't see how it could have been the Bachelor. Surely these women aren't so screwed up that this bozo is their last and only chance. Who knows, maybe they have hideous, horrendously hairy warts all over every square inch of their bodies that are covered. I don't know. All I do know is those women who were crying weren't crying because they were going to miss out on "true love".

They were crying because and early exit meant less air time.

Perhaps some of them actually do develop feelings for the dude with the girly hair by the time the show is over. But I think the true love that most of them are seeking is rests in their chance to be immortalized. Even if it is as "that one psycho chic". Tears flow as they see their 15 minutes slipping away. Fame will never come to those who are cast off early on. They don't have a chance to build up a fan base, to establish their name or their persona. Perhaps they see an early exit as nothing more than one embarrassing episode.

To be fair, I think it would be a blast to be on TV. I just hope I wouldn't lose control after the first episode.

on Sep 23, 2004
I started watching the show in the 2nd season and up until the Bob Guiney one. However, I lost interest due to how repetitous it is. Every ceremony is the most dramatic.ceremony. ever., the constant good-girl/bad girl storyline they play over and over, the handsome bachelor turning out to be a slimeball (ok, maybe not Andrew Firestone. I actually liked him.)

For me, I think the woman cry because they are really that desperate. Some of the women they have found in the past have been just psycho about having kids, being married, and how this guy could be "the one." However, I think it's partly for fame, too. US Weekly loves detailing the failed romances from beginning to end and making them cover stories.
on Sep 23, 2004
HA HA! You're a GUY and you watched the Bachelor! Ha ha!

*points fingers and laughs*

(Aside: Whenever anyone admits to watching reality TV, they rarely admit to being the one who turned on the TV or chose the channel. I do it, too.)

on Sep 23, 2004
Dusk411 - Thanks for stopping by. You know, the thought that these women are that desparate is really sad. I mean, they are all attractive, many have (apparently) great careers and seem to have bright futures. And they are often young, still in their 20's. By every outward, material methods of measurement they should be really happy. Makes you wonder what happened beneath the surface.

Angloesque - Hey now, I did say it was my wife that turned it on, right? I mean, I was just over in the corner, working on my computer, um, playing a game and blowing things up. Oh, and I did pushups during the commercials. And burped. A lot. You know, lots of manly things. Really. I did. I probably even scratched a couple times. Really gross manly things.

Honestly though, my wife and I have a good time watchings some of these campy reality shows together. It is just one of those things we do. And it can sure be a lot of fun, no matter how lame the show is.
on Sep 23, 2004
It's okay. I'm watching The Apprentice (mostly so I can make fun of Trump's ties and pretty much everything about it), and, er, it was on, and, er, I've had a hard day, and, well, I'm pathetic.


on Sep 24, 2004
I love reality shows, not those that revolve around finding love, but the more activity orientated kind. Amazing Race, Survivor, Fear Factor, American Idol, Fame, the Apprentice, I watch 'em all.

Bachelor, Average Joe, Joe Millionaire all share the same kind of drama really, so they are kinda boring to me.

Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance - now that was hilarious!
on Sep 24, 2004
Wow, Ravenblack, you have guts. I get embarrassed that I know who got voted off "The Apprentice" tonight (lame, lame, lame stupid lame stupid 3-week-old fight amongst women). (Too lazy to change the channel 's all.)

But I disagree with your last comment: BFOF made me sick. I watched two half-episodes toward the end, enough to find out that she had decent parents who were not pleased with the scenario and she made fun of them and then said, "But I was doing it for you!" What a load of crap. My family would kill me and I wouldn't blame them. I would agree that the premise was funny, though--just too bad they pulled it on such a nice family. (Take some people from Jerry Springer and then I'd be all for it.....)
on Sep 24, 2004
I had guessed that the humor was going to be offensive for some. I thought the whole thing was just silly. The girl might have deserved the joke, cuz of her greed. But yeah, I guess the family members were the innocent victims and it did cause the girl's parents unnecessary stress.

on Sep 24, 2004
I never did watch BFOF. My wife and I can only handle so much. We have watched American Idol. I mainly like to hear my wife's critiques (classically trained vocalist with a degree in vocal instruction). They are hilariously biting at times.

She also started watchin "The Apprentice" near the end of last season. To be honest I just wasn't around that much with school schedules, being on call, etc. This season she decided to watch it from the start, so I have seen it as well. The Amazing Race is actually interesting I think. They go to some cool places. We have also watched Survivor on occassion, but haven't really followed it for many seasons now.

Hmm, maybe I am blushing right now. No mirror, so I can't tell.
on Sep 24, 2004
Why is it such an embaressment to admit watching reality TV anyway?

It's like New Kids on the Block. Nobody admits liking them, but they sure were popular!
on Sep 24, 2004
I don't really think it is Ravenblack. I actually think that those who are the most violently opposed to reality TV are closet watchers themselves. I think it is almost humorous to see them go into apopleptic fits about how much they hate reality TV, how evil it is, etc.
on Sep 24, 2004
I actually think that those who are the most violently opposed to reality TV are closet watchers themselves. I think it is almost humorous to see them go into apopleptic fits about how much they hate reality TV, how evil it is, etc.

*comes out of closet, vein bulging with apopletic rage, face red and sweating*

The thing I hate about reality TV is all the backstabbing, especially on the Apprentice (which, otherwise, is an interesting and somewhat novel idea). Common manners and good grace have gone out the window when money is within sight or scent. And when girls get together, it seems to be the worst (it could be the editing, but that's my experience in real life, too).

The Amazing Race, which I don't often watch (except for football and Must See TV, I don't really watch that much TV), is probably the best show. I really liked "The Mole," too, though it always seemed to debut right before I left for my summer job. It's more interesting when people have to use physical skills in addition to their brains--and the whole idea doesn't center around who hates whom--and they get to go places, not just sit in a house or on an island. It's kind of like the difference between soap opera and action/adventure movies. (Classifying reality TV? God, I am a nerd.)

Fun blog.

on Sep 24, 2004
*comes out of closet, vein bulging with apopletic rage, face red and sweating*

Ahh, that made me laugh out loud. Thanks, that was great.

The backstabbing really gets to me as well. Sadly though, we see that kind of behavior even being written into many television shows lately. Is it art (and boy, do I use that term loosely when applying it to television!) mimicking life or vice versa? Hmmm.

Me thinks I am thinking far too much about this today. Or maybe it is just a release from the insanely mind numbing experience of pouring through databases.
on Sep 24, 2004
Or maybe it is just a release from the insanely mind numbing experience of pouring through databases.

Hey, what the heck is wrong with you? That's how I get my kicks....

I have this thing against databases: the ones I've worked with aren't configured to import well into Excel (for mass mailings) when it comes to husbands and wives with different last names (I think I blogged about that). Also inputting into one is the most gouge-out-my-eyes-and-throw-them-at-the-screen awful jobs I've ever done. I'm so glad I went to college so that now I can be a temp worker. Yay, economy.

Erm, how did I get there from reality TV? Ah, yes: tangents. My favorite. Mmm.


P.S. BlueDev, you're funny.
on Sep 24, 2004
Ah, yes: tangents. My favorite. Mmm.

I prefer tangerines myself. Tangelos are pretty good too, as long as they are ripe.

I'm so glad I went to college so that now I can be a temp worker. Yay, economy.

If it makes you feel anybetter I am actually paying +$30,000 for this year of playing with databases. Go me. Trog so intelligent, Trog pay to work. Good job Trog.

And thanks for the compliment!
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