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My wife and I watch "The Apprentice".  We find it amusing.  This season the twist was a competition between "book smart" and "street smart" people.  It has been interesting to see the difference in the approaches the two teams take, and amusing to see in what ways each group is stonger/weaker than the other.

But every once in a while you get a timeless comment.  Tonight's loser had one final, absolutely incoherent word of advice to us all:

"Those of us who walk away winning, win more than a loss."

?  I don't get it.  Sad that she ended up with some attempt at wisdom, or some catchy phrase at the very least, came out just soooo dumb.

on Mar 03, 2005
it's kinda like someone trying so hard to be cool and stiff upper lip.. tried so hard and came off so lame..
on Mar 04, 2005
No kidding. My wife and I sat there, repeating that phrase over and over, holding our sides due to laughter, trying to decipher the meaning.

We got nothing.
on Mar 04, 2005
At least Donnie thought she was pretty.
on Mar 04, 2005
Guess she was just trying to be spiteful and failed miserably. It doesn't make sense.

We are still in the middle of second season here.
on Mar 04, 2005
Her comment got a big "Huh"? from me...she failed miserably in her attempt to set up her antagonist, and left like the whinny vindictive shrew she so desperately tried not to be........Note that as the task are becoming more difficult the "Book Smarts" are closing in....The "Street Smarts" are failing as a team due to ego and control issues....will they get their act together?
Corporate restructuring next week.......
on Mar 10, 2005
I've been catching the series as reruns on MSNBC? or some other cable channel, but don't usually pay as close attention as I did the first two seasons. It is a neat show, though. I'll have to keep an eye out for this parting message though.
on Mar 10, 2005
Oh man, chip, it was a good one. Just hilarious. Funny, funny stuff.