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-or- a promising beginning
Published on January 15, 2006 By BlueDev In Health & Medicine
Well, since I made my resolution to get in shape and improve my health, one full week has now passed (I started mid week, so though it has been 9 days of exercise, I am going for the first full week). And I think that posting here will help me have a certain level of accountability, so I will report in.

The first week went really well. I was able to exercise every day (except for Sunday, my workout 'day off'), and exercise substantially for the most part. I did a minimum of 40 minutes of cardiovascular each day (over an hour 3 days), with weights three times as well (on the shorter cardio days). I have dropped a little over 5 pounds since Saturday, and the trend is promising.

I have done well with watching what I eat as well. I give myself one day off from that each week too. That actually was very beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it makes it more manageable, knowing that there is one day each week I can have a treat or eat something I normally wouldn't. Second, I felt a bit yucky after we went out for dinner, so it actually makes eating better more desirable. That will certainly help me stay on track.

Most encouraging, though, is the improvement in my cardiovascular function. Comparing yesterday's workout with last Saturday's, I was surprised at the results. I exercised at a consistently higher level of mets (metabolic equivalents) for the 60+ minutes yesterday, yet my heart rate was consistently 15-20 bpm lower than last week. That really excited me. I have been sleeping better (I can tell I am spending more time in delta), and just generally feel better (though quite tired, still adjusting).

Plus, I make sure I look at that pic of my future iPod. Keeps me going as well!

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on Jan 15, 2006
Hey mate, I'm glad to hear it is going well for you so far. I can't say the same for myself, unfortunately. I've been working so hard at preparing everything for our recording session, I've forsaken just about everything else. I work to and from work just about every day, so I guess I'm getting some exercise. But I know it is not enough. Still better a little than none at all.

on Jan 15, 2006
Still better a little than none at all.

Absolutely. Also, one of the things I have changed is just some daily habits. When I get to school, there are always parking spaces on the ground floor, but I go ahead and drive up to the 7th and then take the stairs down and back up. At the store, I park at the back of the lot, where there are plenty of spaces and walk in. Little things like that have been helping as well, I believe.

Sounds like you have plenty going on, though. Best of luck with it.
on Jan 15, 2006
Thanks mate. I will let you hear the results once we've mixed and mastered them.
on Jan 16, 2006
congrats on sticking with it! Sounds like you're off in the right direction.