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-or- a breath of fresh air
Published on December 22, 2007 By BlueDev In Movies & TV & Books

Years ago, I started watching Alias.  My wife sat down and we were both immediately engrossed.  It became our weekly show, the one we would set time aside to watch together.  And if one of us couldn't be there we either taped it (in the old days), or (confession here) downloaded the episode. 

It was a lot of fun.  We knew that, every week, we had that time set aside for a little escapism.  Our enjoyment of this activity waned a bit during the third season (our least favorite), but we stuck through.

After Alias went off the air, we were sort of in a void.  There just wasn't anything that we both wanted to watch.  My wife fell in love with Gilmore Girls, and is still enjoying catching up on past seasons on DVD.  I would see the occasional episode, and while I found much of the dialog witty, it didn't really draw me.  We sort of started watching Lost at the beginning of the second season.  But, to be honest, it started to get a bit too weird for us.

For the most part, we have not really watched too much TV together since that time.  Not a huge loss, as there are better things we can do with our time.  Still, we missed having a show that we sat down to watch together every week.  We tried with Heroes last season, and while I enjoyed it, it was too dark for my wife's taste (and this season is too directionless and, well, just bad).

Enter Chuck. 

I happened to catch the pilot episode and found it quite enjoyable.  It managed to straddle numerous different styles.  On the one hand you have an action/spy show.  Similar to Alias, the main character has to hide his spy life from his friends and family.  Yet the show also mixes in well the geekiness (or nerdiness) of the main character and his friends.  It manages to balance humor with action nicely. 

To be honest, it is a very pleasant breath of fresh air.  The cast is great.  Each one is likable and believable (relatively) in his/her role.  The interplay between the characters is handled well, not too heavy handed, but again with just enough tongue-in-cheek to keep you smiling.  We have been catching up on some past episodes we missed, and are, unashamedly, big fans of this new show.  The news that it was picked up for a full season (and possibly a second-it is hard to tell for sure due to the writer's strike) came as welcome news.  At least thus far, they have managed to make it work well.

And for the other nerds that may be watching, there are ample nerd and geek references (subtle for the most part) that keep me on my toes, watching for them.  It is a lot of fun to have something that my wife and I both look forward to watching again.

on Dec 22, 2007

I am very pleasantly surprised by how much I like Chuck.  When I was checking out the pending TV season, Chuck came on the RADAR, but barely.  I figured I'd give it a chance, but it wouldn't last long.  Boy was I surprised.  It is very, very entertaining, and I've been hooked since the first episode.


If you enjoy Chuck, I'd offer up another suggestion: Reaper over on The CW network (Tuesday nites, 9pm east coast time frame).  It shares some of the same humor and geekiness of Chuck, but also harkens back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer somewhat.  Good cheesy fun.

on Dec 22, 2007

If you enjoy Chuck, I'd offer up another suggestion: Reaper over on The CW network

I have heard some comparisons between the two.  I will have to check it out. 

Glad to know I'm not the only one who was pleasantly surprised by Chuck.

on Dec 22, 2007
I really enjoyed the episode and a half I've seen, but it runs against something we've been watching for so long that I can't switch.
on Dec 22, 2007

I like Chuck but my fave new show is Pushing Daisies.  I still like Heroes and was glad to see Sark turn up there.  Matt, the mind reading cop, was also on Alias.  I loved Alias when it first came out but I wasn't crazy about the whole Rambaldi storyline.  I would like to buy the first couple of seasons of Alias on DVD someday. 

I guess it depends on your sense of humor but I also LOVE Flight of the Conchords.  I'm totally a Jermaniac.  They were on HBO which I don't have but I just watched the DVD's and they so completely crack me up. 

on Dec 22, 2007
I'm mainly watching Chuck because that blond is so fine. I never realized she was Australian! (Or that the Bionic Woman is British, or that Journeyman is Scottish. The Queen's subjects have gotten a lot better with American accents! It's freaky to see them on talk shows and they suddenly have a different voice.)

Heroes ... (and this season is too directionless and, well, just bad).

Seconded. Pretty dreadful this season. I watched the pilot and decided it was so bad I wouldn't have anything to do with it, but a few episodes into the first season NBC had a Sunday night marathon and I caught from episode three or four onward. It kept getting better. This season was just a bad rehash of the first. There were only, maybe, two episodes I thought were any good at all. And for the love of God get rid of Sylar already! I was very disappointed at the end of season one when they showed that trail of blood leading from where his body should have been.

Pushing Daisies.

Speaking of a pilot so dreadful I decided not to have anything to do with the show.... Even Kristin Chenoweth, who could get me to do just about anything for her, wasn't enough to get me watching. (Why can't Hollywood find a role for her where she's not wasted? The closest they got was West Wing and that was only because she and the creator dated. )
on Dec 22, 2007
Chuck is great. I've really loved it as I've DL'ed the whole thing so far and gotten into it.

Terp beat me to it, but you need to check out Reaper, too. Ultimately I think I actually prefer Reaper over Chuck - but they're both great.

Rock on on finding a new show. Now, if the writer's strike will end, we'll actually get to watch all this great television.
on Dec 23, 2007

Terp beat me to it, but you need to check out Reaper, too. Ultimately I think I actually prefer Reaper over Chuck - but they're both great.

I flip back and forth a bit between which of those two shows is better, but I really enjoy both.  Some of the early-middle episodes of Reaper weren't as good as the pilot or as some of the later episodes have been, but it still hits the spot left open by Buffy being gone.

Chuck is great fun too.  Get past the question of a computer full of secrets being loaded into a guys head and on to the fun of a regular guy helping to save the world and you've got a winner.  Add in the always great Adam Baldwin as an over-eager federal agent and you've got even more fun.  And yeah, the blonde is great eye candy.  They need to get her into some more situations where we get the 'Red or Black' type choice that Alias offered post Superbowl, but that's just my mind a wanderin...

on Dec 26, 2007
The plot might be in trouble if those writers don't get back to work soon! But Chuck does rock! I find that people who enjoy Chuck also loves Pushing Daisies and Reaper as well!