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-or- a blog group no more
Published on March 10, 2008 By BlueDev In Blogging

With the transition to the new JoeUser version 2, we saw, with likely little notice, the death of one of the most useful features of the old JoeUser:  Blog Groups.

Blog groups were likely not that popular, though I can't be sure.  And as it was nearing the end of its life-span, the blog group function was a bit iffy at the old site.  Nevertheless, it was incredibly useful.  San Chonino and I created a blog group (actually I created and he joined) the-prog-geek.joeuser.com.  It was great.  Either of us could write articles there, they would all be posted and contained on that "blog", keeping our personal blogs clean.  Yet, most importantly, they would show up as authored by us. 

But now, blog groups are no more.  I haven't heard any talk about implementing them either.  And so, with sadness in our hearts, it is time for San Chonino and I to, with all of you, bid farewell to The Prog Geek.  It had a nice run.  It saw some great reviews, some less than great ones, and served a nice purpose as a place San C and I could dump our musical ruminations at will.

With the passing of The Prog Geek, it is time to allow Progged to rise from the ashes.  Progged was the initial collaborative blog that San Cho and I used to write reviews and random articles about music.  However, it just didn't get the traffic or comments that we got over here (though The Prog Geek admittedly got less than our personal sites).  Nevertheless, I have gone to significant effort in the past few days to clean the site up, update the layout, format and presentation to make it more functional and attractive, as well as updating the index of reviews, to make them all accessible.  Likewise, I have transferred some recent reviews from here over there, and will continue to do so.  With this renewed effort, I have also had renewed energy in writing about music (though I am by no means a professional).  So please head over to Progged, keep an eye on it and we will pimp the site here when we have updated articles. 

Sadly, there just isn't a good solution here to allow multiple authors to write on a single blog.  So we will be lighting things up over there!  We look forward to the rebirth of Progged!

on Mar 10, 2008

Since it isn't obvious in the article (the link is simply labeled "Article Link"), the URL is as follows:


Bookmark it!  Or not!

on Mar 10, 2008
I was hoping the Blog Groups feature would be fixed so new blog groups could be added. I'd really like to get one started for JU Writers Club. Sad news about Prog Geek though. While I wasn't into the music so much, I did enjoy you and your brother's opinions about new releases.
on Mar 11, 2008
An ignominious death, worthy of eulogy.

Good night, prog geek.
on Mar 11, 2008

Sad news about Prog Geek though. While I wasn't into the music so much, I did enjoy you and your brother's opinions about new releases

That is the beauty of Progged Maso!  We will live on and continue to write another day!

Good night, prog geek

May he rest in peace.

on Mar 11, 2008

Goodbye, Prog Geek, I knew thee...not well, but I liked ya lots!